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Analyizing the Data to Increase Website Effectiveness  //  Google Analytics is an amazing tool for analyzing a website.

15 Feb Posted by in Blog | Comments
Analyizing the Data to Increase Website Effectiveness

Google Analytics is an amazing tool for analyzing a website.

You probably already know that but it bears repeating. The depth of the statistical information you can get from website visitors can really help you plan out your web strategy.

I handle the analysis duties for a variety of clients. Last weekend, it was the time for one client’s monthly update. In my summary, I always include comparisons to the prior month to show increases or decreases in the various categories. Some of the key statistics—like the total number of visitors, the number of unique visitors, time on the site, and bounce rate—are always included in my summary.

Each month I try and find an interesting piece of data that can help better define the success of the website, or highlight changes that need to be made to better serve visitors to the site.

Two reports ago, I highlighted the landing page success of the different marketing drivers this particular client was using. I was able to show which of the four marketing pieces drove customers to the website, and which ones were falling short of expectations. Together, the client and I used this data to edit the next round of materials to increase the impact of the website and print marketing on potential clients.

This last report, Google Analytics was able to track the keyword searches that landed visitors to the website.

I found that there was a 40% increase over the prior month in searches for the name of the company, and that the company’s name was the highest rated search term.

This means that the branding work that had been in effect over the previous several months was starting to really pay off. People no longer looked for the company by the type of business they were in (i.e. hardware store, landscaping, library) but by the name of the business (i.e. Home Depot, Torrentera Landscaping, Los Angeles Public Library.)

I love finding the key data that will translate the raw numbers from Google into real world information that can impact the success of a business. Rather than “flying blind” and hoping that your business is effective in its marketing and website plans, use the tools available, like Google Analytics, to show your clients, or your boss, the success or shortcoming of your business planning.

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