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The Move Up Gang

Andy McCraw

[ head honcho ]

At 12 years old I was convinced my career path involved being a shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. 20 years and an underdeveloped jump shot later I’m doing what I was really cut out for – Creative Design & Development. My first dive into graphic design was 17 years ago, into web development – 10 years ago, into a swimming pool – 31 years ago. I’m a firm believer that understanding the client, their industry, and their customers will lead to creating the biggest impact in representing them.

What most don’t know about me:

I played against 3 NBA players (when I was still in school)

I was hired to be in the band OneRepublic (who hold the world record for most downloaded single)

I can hold my breath for 3+ minutes


Scott De Baets

[ marketing master ]

You know how some people learn from doing? Well I have done a lot in my time. I have been creating marketing materials for small and medium sized businesses for the last 13 years. And no, 13 is not an unlucky number. And if doing is not enough for you, I have pieces of paper hanging on the wall of my office that have my name on them. Some of those pieces of paper are drawings from my kids, but the two I am focusing on for this bio are from the Loyola Marymount University School of Business. One is a degree in marketing while the other is a Master’s Degree in Business. When was the last time your small or medium sized business had an MBA working on your team? If the answer is never, we should talk. It’s time to Move Up to a better way to market your business.

What most don’t know about me:

I’m the tallest person in the history of my family on both sides

I’m extremely picky when it comes to wine, cupcakes, and the NHL

I don’t like sharing personal information online


Troy Tertany

[ lead designer ]

Growing up in the Midwest and working for my father’s construction company, my life was set…well it would have been except the deep desire to be creative prevailed. I moved out to California and started my journey to being a Designer and Photographer. Several years later, here I sit and boy what a journey it continues to be! Utilizing photography, print media, digital imaging, computers, and Internet for creating art, designing brand identity and presenting professional photos for the project at hand is what I do best.

What most don’t know about me:

I’m really into off-road Jeeps

I have traveled to several countries in an effort to “make a difference”

I am both right and left-handed. I’m also left footed!


Richard Frank

[ business catalyst guru ]

Other words for catalyst include stimulus, spark plug, impetus. Whatever the synonym – I’ve been doing that since I was 12. Back then it was a grass-cutting business wherein I hired other kids to work for me. In college it was the stereo business and I had dozens of college reps working other campuses selling hi-fi for me. Since then I’ve enjoyed creating business growth with innovative marketing / communications in high-tech, consumer electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical, publishing and advertising markets. Whatever the industry or challenge, the most powerful tool we possess is our ability to listen and truly understand. I am indebted to Joe Lesly – the first ad agency I ever hired. Joe taught me the importance of walking in my customer’s shoes before I tried to tell them why to buy my stuff. It worked then – and it works even better now.

What most don’t know about me:

I am blessed with a great set of pipes and love to sing

I love the peace and tranquility of scuba diving

The eyes are the window to the soul – and the sale