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Case Studies


WOW! Special Events

WOW! Special Events

The folks at WOW! were referred to us because they had some unique needs. They specialize in event production for high schools in Southern California. While their customer base is both widespread and loyal, they had concerns that their competitor would steal their ideas if they were just openly displayed on their website. They needed a way to hide portions of their site and make them available only to their customer base.

But isn’t one of the points of a web site (and marketing in general) to show what you can do? So we implemented a custom system that allowed viewers to see their home page and their contact page – but it required them to register with their name, email and phone if they wanted to view the rest of the site. This gave them a way to not only track their incoming traffic, but to block unwanted individuals from viewing their information.

After that hurdle we really started to go to town.

We gave them a full suite of powerful tools and functions to extend the capabilities of their site:

  1. A fantastic, easy-to-use Content Management System so they can make their own updates
  2. Rotating flash slide show (a great way to intro the site)
  3. Voting poll for visitors and members to chime in about what they like (fun for the students, and gives you insight into what they like)
  4. Blog (easy, effective way to communicate)
  5. News Ticker (gently displays the latest news posts on your home page)
  6. Automatically chooses random testimonials to display on pages (the IDEAL way to share testimonials with your customers)
  7. Embedded live Google Maps in the contact page (let’s them get directions to your office quick and easy)
  8. Google Analytics (this is HUGE. Tracks all of your traffic to your site and every page within it and lets you know who and where it’s coming from.
  9. A robust photo/video gallery system
  10. Drop down menu system
  11. Internal Search engine (so users can find content by keywords on your site)

WOW! Special Events represents the IDEAL web client for us.

We love a good challenge and have no problem stepping up to bat when it comes to difficult projects.


RDM Property Management


When Ryan, the president of RDM, approached us he had a unique problem to solve. His company manages income properties for owners in LA and San Fernando Valley. The difficulty is that RDM needed to reach out to two very different audiences – Owners and tenants.

Our strategy was to divide and conquer.

Rather than develop a single site that would try to meet both group’s needs and fall short, we created two sites and gave the user the choice to decide which audience they were in, and which site they needed to visit.

The owner’s site is high on presentation. It depicts professionalism, class, excellence, and strong messaging. We believed it was necessary to gain the trust and credibility with the viewer in order to get the opportunity to win their business. With custom flash integration, full-screen presentations, background jazz music, and an elegant user interface we immerse the user in a unique experience.

But knowing (or in this case, the owners) is only half the battle…

On a day-to-day basis current and potential tenants in the Southern California need to interact with a property management company. Their needs vary from “Help! I need to find a place to rent!” to “Who do I call to report a leaky faucet?”

We knew that this part of the website needed to be:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Have a robust set of features
  3. Actually help assist the RDM offices with their day-to-day processes and workflow
We built a site that made RDM stand head and shoulders above their competition.

By focusing on features that made an impact on both the user and manager, we put some powerful tools in the hands of RDM and their tenants.

  1. Searchable Properties – most prospective tenants start here when they come to a property management site. We made the user interface, clean, professional, and very easy to use. We allow the user to filter and search by city or region so they can find a place to rent in their area.
  2. Property Detail – slide shows, property highlights, descriptions, automatically generated Google Maps, and contact forms were among the many additional features added.
  3. Google Analytics – providing realtime stats for RDM to view and track.
  4. On site property managers area – allowed managers to view and access documents
RDM Management is one of our most valued clients and we are excited to work them!